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Presently, intakes are determined by business needs and requests for apprentices by IMPERIAL and AMH businesses. There is a closely monitored ratio of roughly one apprentice to one Technician that has driven Apprentice intakes.

This means that once we have a sufficient intake based on an eight apprentices to one Training mentor ratio, an intake is mustered.

Currently the South African Academies are training 600 apprentices between the two and thus a more structured timetable based quarterly intake process will be instituted in 2012.

The CBMT model mandates close co-operation between the Academies and the dealerships with regard to the apprentice’s progress. This enables the identification of gaps in an apprentices

training and knowledge which will be addressed upon the apprentices return to the academy for training.

The Academies are in the process of developing an apprentice distance-learning platform in partnership with MIDAS (an Imperial company) and CDX the global provider of digital technical training content. This will enable the apprentice to enhance their

knowledge in their apprentice training by exposing them to interactive demonstrations and tutorials with quizzes and practical exercises delivered via the web at their place of work and at home in their study time. This will represent a first in the Industry for apprentice training.