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The Academies offer the merSETA (manufacturing, engineering and related industries) accredited CBMT (competency based modular training) courses in petrol apprentice training, diesel apprentice training with motorcycle apprentice training (in the process of starting).

The learners receive theoretical; classroom based education as well as practical exposure within the Academy environment. The employed apprentice will then return to their place of work where they will receive on the job practical experience on the workshop floor aligned to their levels of competence achieved through CBMT



Cape Town




Competency Based Modular Training

  • Petrol Motor Mechanic Apprenticeship
  • Levels 1 - 4 : 4 yr contract
  • 5 days in 5 weeks training at an Academy
  • Distance learning program -CDX
  • Computer based testing and examination
  • Practical competency testing

Time Based Training

  • Diesel Mechanic
  • CBMT Framework for training
  • 4 years training
  • Distance learning program- CDX
  • Computer based testing and examination
  • Practical competency testing
  • Culminates in a trade test

Time Based Training     (In Development)

  • Motorcycle and Scooter Mechanic (Not started yet.)
  • 3 years time based training
  • Uses CBMT Framework
  • 5 days in 5 weeks training at an academy
  • Distance learning program - CDX
  • Computer based testing and examination
  • Practical competency testing

Distance learning and testing Platform

In an exciting collaboration between Midas CDX Technica, an Australian American global, on line and traditional technical training provider, the academies will be providing distance learning for all apprentices. The content has been aligned to the CBMT curriculum to ensure synergy of content to our context.

This will enable the apprentice to enhance their knowledge in their apprentice training by exposing them to interactive demonstrations and tutorials with quizzes and practical exercises delivered via the web at their place of work and at home in their study time. This will represent a first in the Industry for apprentice training.

In addition, CDX has assisted IMPERIAL in creating a separate CBMT Modular and level-testing platform that requires apprentices to sit a-logarithmically randomized electronic theoretical modular test and level test in a separate computer room. This will ensure comprehensive theoretical testing and ensure that the old legacy of stolen papers that have been cribbed or memorized for the last 15 years, is broken.