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The Academies offer the merSETA (manufacturing, engineering and related industries) accredited CBMT (competency based modular training) courses in petrol apprentice training, diesel apprentice training with motorcycle apprentice training (In the process of starting). The learners receive theoretical; classroom based education as well as practical exposure within the Academy environment. The employed apprentice will then return to their place of work where they will receive on the job practical experience on the workshop floor aligned to their levels of competence achieved through CBMT.


Presently, intakes are determined by business needs and requests for apprentices by IMPERIAL and AMH businesses. There is a closely monitored ratio of roughly one apprentice to one Technician that has driven Apprentice intakes.


Imperial Training Academy

A strong commitment to people development and excellence in all it's business operations, IMPERIAL opened technical training centers in Germiston in 2009 and Cape Town in 2008 as part of a joint venture between IMPERIAL Automotive Retail and Associated Motor Holdings, both Divisions of IMPERIAL Holdings, to address the need expressed through office of the president to increase.

"Our business relies heavily on the skills of qualified people and we are therefore heavily invested in artisan training. it's a national priority and one to which we believe corporate South Africa must contribute, but it's very much a business imperative," says Dr Johan De Beer, head of human resources development at IMPERIAL Holdings.

Whilst artisan training is available through other centers around the country, Imperial ensures that artisans (apprentices) are employed into their businesses when

they commence their training. This model provides a relevant mix of both practical Apprentice training and world-class theoretical training at the Academies and the best on the Job experience available. The IMPERIAL training academies are geared in both equipment, technology and teaching methodology toward meeting the exacting standards that the motor industry demands.

Sean Fenn, newly appointed General Manager of Development and Learning for Automotive Retail is clear on the objectives of the IMPERIAL Academies going forward and has set structures and investment in place to ensure the continued success of the centers’. He sees the Academy goal to create industry leading technical training academies in South Africa defined by their use of latest training methods, training materials and I.T systems driven by innovative technologies and in so doing address the critical shortage of technical skills within the automotive industry

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